Twitter me a Parish Monday, Apr 6 2009 

There is also a twitter acount set up to help spread the word. 
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Parishes Appeal To Diocese To Keep Churches Open Monday, Apr 6 2009 

More stories and video on church closings.

Cleveland Diocese Church Closing News Monday, Apr 6 2009 

This link will give you some background on why this organization is needed.

Next Steps… What Can I Do? Monday, Apr 6 2009 

You may contact us via e-mail to participate on a committee: You can learn more about the history of St. James and our current ministries.  Also, you may pray that God’s will is done for St. James and the thousands of people who it physically and spiritually supports in Lakewood and throughout the region. You will soon be able to make donations on the site via credit card / PayPal.  Checks payable to “Friends of St. James Parish” may be mailed to our post office box address.

As the saying goes, “many hands make light work”.  We need many hands (and minds)!  Please consider volunteering to distribute flyers, meeting announcements, website notifications and news.  Please consider providing your e-mail address, forwarding e-mails to others, posting announcements on Facebook, etc. 
We also need to keep St. James alive and just as vibrant a community as we always have.  Please continue to attend Mass at St. James and attend & support all the other Parish activities and ministries that you value.  Please continue to support the Parish with your weekly envelope. 

Thank You and May God Bless You for Your Prayers, Help and Support! 

Friends of St. James Parish

P.O. Box 770076

Lakewood, OH  44107

Actions Thus Far Monday, Apr 6 2009 

The first act that this organization has undertaken is to submit a “recourse letter” to the Bishop.  This letter cites Canonical Law and is the legal basis for a request that the Bishop rescind his decision to close St. James.  This letter was drafted by FSJP members who have a legal background, vetted by other interested members and signed by six FSJP members who are also members of Parish Council.  This letter was separate from the appeal letter that was submitted on behalf of the Parish.  A copy of this letter, along with a follow-up letter, will soon be available on our website.

The Purpose of FSJP Monday, Apr 6 2009 

FSJP is not a parish-sponsored organization.  Our purpose is to advocate the needs and rights of the parishioners, friends and supporters of St. James, independent of the official actions of the Parish.  Through organized efforts and the future goal of fundraising, we seek to support St. James, its many ministries, Lakewood Catholic Academy (Lakewood’s highly-praised Catholic pre-K – 8 school), and efforts to preserve St. James Church.

Mission Statement Monday, Apr 6 2009 

Friends of St. James Parish, founded in April of 2009, is an organization dedicated to the support and cohesion of the St. James (Lakewood, Ohio) family and the maintenance and development of its ministries.  We seek to accomplish our goals through prayerful action, steeped in our devout Catholic faith.

Monday, Apr 6 2009 

The Beginnings of Friends of St. James Parish

Following the unexpected announcement from the Diocese of Cleveland that St. James Parish would be closing, many people began asking “What can we do?”  Informal meetings among parishioners and neighbors yielded common concerns.  Those gatherings evolved into thoughtful movement:  Friends of St. James Parish was born.